Business 8: First Impressions

For the first assignment, you will create a poster by hand on a blank letter-sized sheet of paper. In the center of the blank sheet, put a photo or a drawing of yourself and write your name near your photo. You may stylize your writing to make it look fancy.

On the corners, you will write four different words that best describe your personality traits. For each word, provide 2 examples from your life that support that personality. For example, if you describe yourself as “punctual”, you “arrive to class on time” and “never missed a day of school last year.”

Also, for two of the words, provide an appropriate graphic that portrays the word. For example, you might choose a clock to show your punctuality.

Next, decorate and color the poster to make it look attractive. Finally, prepare for a 1-minute oral presentation. You may write down what you want to say on a separate sheet of paper. Remember, first impressions are lasting impressions. Make sure that you do a good job, prepare for the presentation, and hand it in on time!

Presentation/Due: Sept. 12 (Day 1) and Sept. 13 (Day 2)