Business 8: Facebook Page (Asgn 9)

Only one member in your group (i.e. the one who already has an existing Facebook account) needs to follow these instructions:

  1. Go to If you have already logged in, log out first and then return to the home page.
  2. Click on Create a Page on Facebook at the bottom of the page.
  3. Select “Local Business or Place” and fill in the following:
    • Category: Local Business
    • Business: store name
    • Street Address: school address
    • City: Vancouver, BC
    • ZIP: school postal code
    • Phone: school phone
    • Check the “I agree …” statement.
    • Click on Get Started.
  4. Click on “I already have a Facebook account” and log in to your regular FB account.
  5. Add other members in your group as administrators. This will enable them to edit your site as well.

Once other members in your group are added as administrators, divide and conquer to complete these tasks.

  1. Update the rest of the FB website:
    1. Use the logo as your profile photo and your storefront as the cover photo.
    2. Create a username for your page to shorten the URL. For example, if the URL is, it can be shortened to You can only choose the username once, so make sure it is spelled properly. Hint: If the username is taken, use “business8.” as a prefix in front of your store name (i.e. same as your Gmail account).
    3. Disable comments. This will eliminate spam. You are responsible for the content on your Facebook page, including comments left by viewers.
  2. Add content on your FB wall that may attract visitors to your website. For example,
    • you can write a wall post to welcome new visitors.
    • you can add comments like weekly specials (e.g. “Online Coupon: up to 15% off  towards your next purchase at MyStore. Promotion expires Feb. 23, 2013. Coupon Code: A1Z2B3Y4X”).
    • you can upload your posters and brochures.
  3. Post your URL (i.e. to the Business 8 FB Page. This will allow the teacher to mark the assignment. If the URL is not posted, then the teacher cannot mark your work.
  4. Get as many Likes from your friends. This partly determine your mark.


The assignment is marked out of 5. However, in order to receive credit for this assignment, students must satisfy both conditions:

  1. Students must first complete the inventory and their print ads (brochure, poster or business card).
  2. The group must post the URL (i.e. to the Business 8 FB Page.

Once these conditions are met, the marking rubric follows:

  • Profile and Cover Photos: 1 mark
  • Shortened URL: 1 mark
  • Wall Content (incl. brochure, poster, and card): 2 marks
  • 60+ Likes: 1 marks