Business 8: Business Plan (Asgn 1)

Your group will be working on three tasks for this assignment: logo and storefront, business presentation, and partnership agreement. Each member is responsible for one of the tasks. Pairs are not required to complete the partnership agreement.

Task 1: Logo and Storefront

  • One member in the group must create a logo and a store front for the business using Paint or Photoshop.
  • The logo must be:
    • original (not copied or modified from the internet)
    • simple (can be replicated by elementary student)
    • coloured (three colours or less)
  • Novelty fonts from may be used for the logo.
  • It is recommended that the background for the logo be transparent.
  • The storefront is a picture of how the front of the store looks like. It must have the store name, logo, front entrance, and windows displaying some merchandise. The storefront must be original (not copied or modified from the internet) but you may search images of store front for ideas.
  • See examples of logos and storefronts in the Business 8 folder.

Task 2: Presentation

  • The second member will create a presentation using Google Drive. The presentation must be shared with the teacher.
    1. Create a new Google Presentation and rename the file (e.g. 1-1 Business Plan mKFC).
    2. Share the file with the teacher (i.e. do not e-mail the presentation as an attachment).
    3. Include:
      • Slide 1: title page with logo and slogan (logo from Task 1)
      • Slide 2: member names and roles
      • Slide 3: store front and contact information  (store front from Task 1)
      • Slide 4-5: list of products with graphics
      • Slide 6: explanation–who will you sell your products to? why would they buy it?
      • Slide 7: thank you for watching

Task 3: Partnership Agreement

  • The third member will draft a partnership agreement based on the template.
    1. Create a new MS Word document.
    2. Copy the partnership agreement, word for word,  in the Business 8 folder. Click here for the template.
    3. Replace the square brackets with your company’s information.
    4. Save the file (e.g. 1-1 Partnership Agreement) and upload onto Google Drive.

Evaluation: The business plan is marked based on the following distribution:

  • First Impression: Design and Layout (5 marks)
  • Information (10 marks)
  • Storefront and Logo (5 marks)

In addition, groups of threes need to complete a partnership agreement. Up to 5 marks will be deducted for incomplete content and spelling/grammatical/formatting errors.