Business 8: Brochure, Poster and Card (Asgn 6-8)

You and your group members will be working on three assignments simultaneously:

  • business brochure (x 1)
  • promotional posters (x 2)
  • business cards (x 3) – Note: Groups with two members are exempted.

All three assignments will be done using MS Publisher but different templates.

Assignment 7: Business Brochure [Example]

Select any Price List templates from the Brochure. Edit the template based on the following criteria:

  • Cover Page:
    • Title page (right panel) includes the the logo, store front and slogan.
    • Back of Brochure (middle panel) includes address, phone number, e-mail and website. Refer to the business plan for this information.
    • Coupon (left panel) includes a description of a promotional offer and conditions.
  • Inside Page:
    • General information about your store (left panel) convinces your readers to come to your store. What products or services does your company sell or provide? How are you different (or better) than your competitors? Why should customers come to purchase from your store?
    • Price list (middle and right panel) includes the items and their prices. Think of this like a menu at a restaurant.

In addition to text, there should be two images that support the content of your brochure.  Evaluation for the brochure will be holistically out of 10 based on the content, layout and design.

Assignment 8: Promotional Posters [Example]

Select the Blank template, either 8.5 by 11″ or 11 by 8.5″, depending on the orientation that you want. You need create two of the following three options:

  • Grand Opening
  • Special Merchandise
  • Final Sale

Each poster needs the meet the following criteria:

  • Communicate an idea in 1 second using less than 3 images and less than 8 words.
  • Include a catchy headline and your business name (or logo).
  • Use colors and fonts creatively and effectively.
  • Use the entire page (no borders).
  • Do not use white backgrounds.

Evaluation for the poster will be holistically out of 5 each based on a glance for no more than one second.

Assignment 9: Business Card (only in group of 3) [Example]

You will create a business card for each of your group members. Select any three Business Card templates and edit them according to the information found in your business plan. The business card needs to include:

  • Logo (slogan is optional).
  • Full Name
  • Business Role
  • Full Address (first line is KidsMall Windermere)
  • Phone Number
  • E-mail Address
  • Facebook Website

It is important to zoom out to 100% in order to check whether font size on your business card is legible. The business name, the person’s name and logo must be visible from afar. Evaluation for the business card will be based on the design (at 100% zoom) and aforementioned criteria. Two business cards will be randomly selected and marked out of 5; missing business cards will be automatically selected.

Conversion and Submission

  1. Save the assignment in PNG (or JPG) format as
    • Business Brochure:
      • Brochure Page 1 by Student Name.png
      • Brochure Page 2 by Student Name.png
    • Promotional Poster:
      • Poster 1 by Student Name.png
      • Poster 2 by Student Name.png
    • Business Card:
      • Business Card 1 by Student Name.png
      • Business Card 2 by Student Name.png
      • Business Card 3 by Student Name.png
  2. Uploaded the images onto Google Drive by dragging and dropping (similar to the Sample Inventory spreadsheet).
  3. Upload the poster and brochure images onto Facebook.