Business 10: Types of Advertising Appeals

The article Top Five Appeals That Advertisers Use to Sell a Product describes five techniques how advertisers appeal to consumers on TV commercials. Working either in pairs or trios, you will find different YouTube videos that use these types of advertising appeals.

Part 1: Advertising Appeal – Research Report

  1. Read the article Top Five Appeals That Advertisers Use to Sell a Product.
  2. For each type of advertising appeal, select a YouTube video that best represents it. Each commercial must be 30-seconds in length (or less) and school appropriate (i.e. can be shown on daytime/primetime TV). Do not use fan-made, banned or foreign commercials.
  3. Copy the YouTube link onto a shared document.
  4. Identify the demographic (age, gender) that the commercial targets and the level of need on Maslow’s hierarchy.
  5. Write a well-written paragraph (3-5 sentences) that justifies your choice based on the advertising appeal.

Part 2: Advertising Appeal – Presentation

  1. Create a shared presentation.
  2. Embed the video onto the presentation (instead of pasting the link).
  3. Summarize your written analyze into point form.
  4. Add animation and transition effects.
  5. Prepare for a oral presentation.