Business 10: J.A. Investment Strategies Program

The classroom will be opened during the mornings, breaks and lunch hours. It is expected that each team research, trade and track their own public companies. Winning group will be rewarded $20 cash.  Criteria for $20 Reward.
  1. The group must place first among Windermere teams.
  2. Each person in the group must purchase at least one stock.
  3. Each person must keep a record of the stocks they hold until they sell them. See link:
  4. The entire group’s equity must be more than $100,000.
Evaluation (24 marks)
  • Participation and Results (6 marks)
    • 6 = Placed in top 25%
    • 5 = Placed in top 35%
    • 4 = Placed in top 65%
    • 3 = Placed in top 75%
    • 2 = Placed in bottom 25%
    • 0 = No trade has been made over 6 weeks.
    • Permanent loss of 1 mark per week if group has not purchased a stock.
    • Minimum mark is zero; no negative marks.
  • Record Keeping (12 marks)
  • Reflection: TBA (6 marks)
    • At the end of the stock market challenge, you will need to write a reflection paper that explains your personal strategy, justify which stock you have bought, justify why you sold the stock, and an evaluation of your strategy. If you had a do-over, explain what would be different.