Business 10: About “Me”

How to Sell Yourself” mentions the who you truly are from who “you” are as a product. There’s you—imperfect, conflicted, fallible. And then there’s “you”—awesome, confident, superhuman. Think of “you” as a superhero version of yourself. For the first assignment, you will have the opportunity to introduce “you” to your teacher and peers by creating and presenting a slideshow. Your presentation will be timed and recorded. Start by making a list of your best qualities, your unique talents and other interesting facts. After brainstorming by yourself, it may be useful to get your friends and family to describe your positive traits. Even though what you present is important, emphasis will be placed on how you present. Dress the way “you” would dress. Talk the way “you” would talk. Role play. Prepare for the presentation! Review the 18 Tips for Killer Presentations on Lifehack and other tips for presentations. Evaluation: 10 marks

 Slideshow Criteria (5 marks) Presenter Criteria (5 marks)
  • Information on slides is positive and relevant.
  • Information is organized and presented logically.
  • Proper spelling and grammar (including capitalization).
  • Each slide can be easily read:
    • use of point form (no sentences or paragraphs)
    • at most 5 points per slide
    • 24-pt font size or larger
    • top 80% of screen
    • good choice of background
  • Good balance between text and images.
  • Slideshow has animation and slide transitions.
  • Presenter projects voice to the back of the room and appropriately varies tone.
  • Presenter has eye contact with members in the audience–DO NOT READ FROM YOUR SLIDES!!!
  • Presenter is mindful of body language.
  • Presenter is well groomed and dressed appropriately–business casual or smart casual.
Bonus marks are available for creative presentation and dressing up. Deadline: TBA]]>