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CIS 12: MacBook Pro

For this project, you will write an article on your blog that compares the three best laptop computers comparable to the newest top-end model of MacBook Pro but under the latter’s price. As of Fall 2019, the most expensive model is the 15″ MacBook Pro that sells for $3499 and its default configuration comes with 2.3GHz 8-core Intel Core i9 and 16MB shared L3 cache.

In your article, you will need to include an introductory paragraph that describes the purpose and motivates your readers to continue reading. Very likely you will also need images of your laptops, tables that compare the specs side by side, and a conclusion indicating which laptop is the clear “winner” based on its price and the rationale. Just like any well-researched articles, you need to include citations either in the footnotes or on standalone page (in APA or MLA format).

This project will be holistically marked for its content, journalistic voice and layout. You may need to change the theme of your blog to format your content properly.

CIS 12: Linux / VirtualBox

For this project, you will install a distribution of Linux on VirtualBox and manage within this operating system. Management includes installing new software, updating existing software, creating new users and restricting/revoking privileges, etc.

Installation Tasks:

  1. Download and install the newest version of VirtualBox.
  2. Review and compare the different Linux distributions. Select any of the popular Linux distributions and download the 32-bit version.
  3. Install the Linux operating system onto a 8GB+ dynamic virtual disk. Make sure you allot enough hard-drive space and memory to the virtual environment.
    • Note: Because student profiles occasionally get removed from the PCs, it is strongly recommended to make of copies of the virtual disk onto a USB flash drive. Otherwise, students may be required to re-download and install.
  4. Create an admin account with a password of your choice.
  5. Make sure you turn off the virtual machine properly, or else it may have difficulties booting up in the future.

Check back later for further instructions.

Course Selection


Grade 8 Integrated into Business 8
Consider joining the Programming Club!
Grade 9 Information and Communications Technology 9 (MADIT09)
Computer Studies 10 (MCSTU10 with teacher approval)
Grade 10 Computer Studies 10 (MCSTU10)
Computer Programming 11 (MCMPR11 with approval)
Grade 11/12 Digital Communications 11 (MDCOM11) → Intro Course
Computer Programming 11 (MCMPR11)
Computer Programming 12 (MCMPR12)
Computer Information Systems 12 (MCINF12 with approval)
Legend Introductory | Programming | Hardware


INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGIES 9 – MADIT09 – Information technologies incorporate social, ethical and sustainability considerations as a part of their operation and design. Students taking this course should be interested in how communication through tools like the Internet and social media develop their understanding of personal and social communication. Open to Grade 9 students only.

COMPUTER STUDIES 10 – MCSTU10 – This course will include the development of proficiency in modern programming practices and theory. Students taking this course should be interested in the process of programming computers and learning various high-level computer languages. Open to Grade 9 and 10 students.

DIGITAL COMMUNICATIONS 11 – MDCOM11 – THIS IS AN INTRODUCTORY COURSE INTENDED FOR STUDENTS WITH LIMITED COMPUTER EXPERIENCE. In this course, students can explore media that they use every day to determine what goes into the design of popular apps and the impact of new social media on mobile systems. Students should be interested in using computers to solve a variety of problems and should be open to working on website design as a conduit for all kinds of human interest and values. Open to Grade 10-12 students with NO previous experience in computing and programming.

COMPUTER PROGRAMMING 11 – MCMPR11 – In this specialized course, students will explore computer code languages to develop programs that will offer solutions to practical problems such as those associated with website construction, mathematics, or business. Students taking this course should be interested in using high level computer languages and developing strong debugging skills. Open to:

  • Grade 10 and Grade 11 students who have taken Computer Studies 10.
  • Grade 11 and Grade 12 students with solid math background.

COMPUTER PROGRAMMING 12 – MCMPR12 – Programming at the senior level requires a serious commitment to a high-level of self-reflective problem solving of complex computer algorithms. Students should have an interest in working on complex projects that require the ability to work independently with a high degree of self-discipline. Open to:

  • Grade 11 and 12 students who have take Computer Programming 11.
  • Grade 12 students with strong math background.

COMPUTER INFORMATION SYSTEMS 12 – MCINF12 – Students taking this course should have an interest in network design and maintenance both in terms of the hardware and software used by global computer networks. Students will learn to install software, troubleshoot network software, maintain lab computers, research and test new software, and support network users. Open to Grade 11 and 12 students with teacher permission.

Source: Kitsilano Course Planning Guide 2020-2021

ICT 9: Wax On, Wax Off

For some students, the skills that you learn in school such as factoring polynomials may seem irrelevant to real life. In the following clip, Daniel is preparing for a karate tournament but his teacher Mr. Miyagi is getting him to do mundane tasks such as waxing his car, sanding his floor and painting his house. As a result, Daniel gets frustrated and starts an argument with Miyagi. What Daniel does not understand is that Miyagi has actually been training him, even though Daniel does not initially see the point.

For this assignment, you will learn the skills the edit videos in preparation for the major project. The little skills you learn might be tedious similar to waxing the floor but when you put together your skills in the final project later in the term, you will see how much you have progressed!

Tasks for this Assignment:

  1. Watch the Karate Kid snippet.
  2. Download the video as a MP4 using a web software of your choice (e.g.
  3. Use either Movie Maker 10 or Adobe Premier Pro CC to edit the video to 45 to 60 second in length. The video should be edited to highlight the essence of the lesson that Miyagi is trying to teach Daniel. Do not speed up to squeeze everything into 60 seconds. Include a customized title screen with the name of the movie clip and your name.
  4. Upload the video onto YouTube as an UNLISTED video. These videos can only be accessed by those whom you share the link; they cannot be searched on YouTube.
  5. Embed the video onto your blog. Only after this step can the teacher mark the assignment.

Both Movie Maker and Premier Pro are rather intuitive to use but they do require some time to learn how to do simple tasks and even more time to add special effects. You may ask your neighbor or watch YouTube tutorials to help you learn and navigate around these programs. You have 4 classes to complete this task.

Business 8: Personal Entrepreneur PowerPoint

  1. Take the personality test at and review the results.
  2. Go to the following link and find the entrepreneur (or celebrity) who matches your personality:
  3. Go to and log in. The username is, replacing with your own student number and the password is the same one you use to log in with school PCs.
  4. Include the following slides for the rough copy:
    • Title Page: entrepreneur’s name, personality code, your name, your block
    • Two Slides: Who is your entrepreneur (i.e. basic stats)? What is he/she famous for? What business and/or company is he/she involved with? Do a bit of research using other online sources.
    • One/two slides: What are your entrepreneurs’s strengths?
    • One Slide: How might you become a successful entrepreneur, given your personality, skills, interests, networking and other strengths?
  5. Complete the rough copy, focusing mainly on content, by next class. You will have 5-7 slides in total. You will also have another class to focus on layout (i.e. how it looks) before the assignment is due.
  6. Next Class: Modify your PowerPoint to meet the Tips for Effective Presentations (

Computer Studies 10: AppInventor Assignment 2 – Mole Mash V3

For this assignment, you will create a Whac-A-Mole game by completing the Mole Mash V2 tutorial and then modify the game to add the following criteria:

  • Title screen! (1 mark)
  • 6 to 9 holes from which the moles (and bomb) pops up. (1 mark)
  • Second mole that pops up and hides 50% faster than the original. (2 marks)
  • Bomb that results in instant game over when tapped. Include sound effect. (2 marks)
  • Game timer such that each game will last at most 30 seconds. The game ends after 30 seconds or after the bomb is tapped, whichever occurs first. (2 marks)
  • High score. (1 mark)
  • Reset button after game over to reset score and time. (1 mark)

Note: Some of the required features are mentioned in the original Mole Mash tutorial.

Computer Studies 10: AppInventor Assignment 1 – Magic 8-Ball

For this assignment, you will create a mobile app for Android smartphones and tablets using MIT’s AppInventor. This programming language is similar to Scratch in which the programmer writes code by dragging-and-dropping code blocks that snap on like LEGO pieces. However, unlike Scratch, AppInventor programs cannot run natively on the operating system but rather requires either an Android device or an emulator to test and debug the program. This means that significantly more time and more patience is required.


  1. Follow the tutorial for the Magic 8 Ball and complete the basic tasks.
  2. Modify the app with the following criteria:
    1. Provide 5 random reasons to take an Info Tech or Computer Science class
    2. Display the reason when the screen is tapped or when the device is shaken.
    3. Speak the text aloud using the built-in text-to-speech synthesizer.
    4. Put your name somewhere visible on the screen.
  3. Build the final product and upload the APK file onto Google Drive.

Grading: 10 marks

  • Basic Tasks: up to Part 3 in tutorial  (4 marks)
  • 5 Reasons (3 marks): provide valid reasons. Do NOT provide reasons to dissuade others from taking another course (e.g. “Don’t take ____ because I.T. is more fun).
  • Text-to-Speech (3 marks): need to display and speak out the same text.

Computer Studies 10: AppInventor Assignment 3 – Tic-Tap-Toe

For this assignment, you will create a Tic-Tac-Toe game against a computer opponent. Players X and O alternate turns and whichever player succeeds in placing three of their marks in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal row is deemed the winner. If neither player wins, then the game ends in a draw.

In your game, random chance will determine whether the human player or the computer will go first. The computer’s choice is based on the following conditions:

  1. Computer will take the win if it can on its turn.
  2. Computer will block the human opponent on its turn to avoid a loss if it cannot win.
  3. Computer will place in any random available space if it cannot win and if it does not need to block.

Note: It is possible to program a computer opponent such that it is impossible to beat (i.e. the computer will win or tie any game). This is not a required implementation.

Evaluation (10 marks):

  • Basic Criteria: Meet all the conditions (6 marks)
  • Gameplay: Add any additions to improve gameplay (e.g. sound effects, improved graphics, reset button, etc.) (4 marks)