Announcements: Microsoft Teams for Online Learning

In response to COVID-19, in-class instructions are currently suspended. The school board plans to shift from in-class instructions to online learning platforms in the upcoming days. Specifically, Microsoft Teams will be used by teachers across the school board. All VSB students have free access to an array of Microsoft products such as Teams and Office 365, associated with their VSB credentials.

VSB Credentials: To download Teams, Office 365 and other products, students need to sign in using with the school e-mail and password:

  • School E-mail: (replace 123456 with student number); this is same as username.
  • Password: same as the one to log onto school PCs; contact the librarians (i.e. or by e-mail if you need a password reset.


  1. Check your personal and school email
    • Go to and sign in with VSBNET credentials.
    • Forward incoming e-mails to your personal e-mail account if you prefer. You may receive important e-mails from your teachers from this account.
  2. Download and install Teams
    • PC and Mac: Available on Sign in using VSBNET credentials; see VSB Credentials† for more info.
    • iOS and Android: available on the AppStore and Play Store
    • ChromeOS and other: for the web version.
  3. Setup Teams.
    • Once installed, Teams will ask you to sign in the first time you run the software. Enter the VSBNET credentials.
    • You may or may not be automatically included in a classroom on Teams by the school tech. Either way, because Mr. Kam teaches messy split/combined classes, you will need to follow the next set of instructions.
  4. Add classroom on Teams
    • Wait for teacher for class approval.

Questions? Click here to send an e-mail to the teacher. It is important that you get Teams set up properly moving forward. This is new for everybody so we will get through this together. 🙂


Grade 8Integrated into Business 8
Consider joining the Programming Club!
Grade 9Information and Communications Technology 9 (MADIT09)
Computer Studies 10 (MCSTU10 with teacher approval)
Grade 10Computer Studies 10 (MCSTU10)
Computer Programming 11 (MCMPR11 with approval)
Grade 11/12Digital Communications 11 (MDCOM11) → Intro Course
Computer Programming 11 (MCMPR11)
Computer Programming 12 (MCMPR12)
Computer Information Systems 12 (MCINF12 with approval)
LegendIntroductory | Programming | Hardware


INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGIES 9 – MADIT09 – Information technologies incorporate social, ethical and sustainability considerations as a part of their operation and design. Students taking this course should be interested in how communication through tools like the Internet and social media develop their understanding of personal and social communication. Open to Grade 9 students only.

COMPUTER STUDIES 10 – MCSTU10 – This course will include the development of proficiency in modern programming practices and theory. Students taking this course should be interested in the process of programming computers and learning various high-level computer languages. Open to Grade 9 and 10 students.

DIGITAL COMMUNICATIONS 11 – MDCOM11 – THIS IS AN INTRODUCTORY COURSE INTENDED FOR STUDENTS WITH LIMITED COMPUTER EXPERIENCE. In this course, students can explore media that they use every day to determine what goes into the design of popular apps and the impact of new social media on mobile systems. Students should be interested in using computers to solve a variety of problems and should be open to working on website design as a conduit for all kinds of human interest and values. Open to Grade 10-12 students with NO previous experience in computing and programming.

COMPUTER PROGRAMMING 11 – MCMPR11 – In this specialized course, students will explore computer code languages to develop programs that will offer solutions to practical problems such as those associated with website construction, mathematics, or business. Students taking this course should be interested in using high level computer languages and developing strong debugging skills. Open to:

  • Grade 10 and Grade 11 students who have taken Computer Studies 10.
  • Grade 11 and Grade 12 students with solid math background.

COMPUTER PROGRAMMING 12 – MCMPR12 – Programming at the senior level requires a serious commitment to a high-level of self-reflective problem solving of complex computer algorithms. Students should have an interest in working on complex projects that require the ability to work independently with a high degree of self-discipline. Open to:

  • Grade 11 and 12 students who have take Computer Programming 11.
  • Grade 12 students with strong math background.

COMPUTER INFORMATION SYSTEMS 12 – MCINF12 – Students taking this course should have an interest in network design and maintenance both in terms of the hardware and software used by global computer networks. Students will learn to install software, troubleshoot network software, maintain lab computers, research and test new software, and support network users. Open to Grade 11 and 12 students with teacher permission.

Source: Kitsilano Course Planning Guide 2020-2021